Controlling a Proxmox VM with Python


Hi 👋

Recently I was wanting to control a Proxmox VM in my home lab via discord.

There’s a good library available for Python called Promoxer, but it’s not super obvious how to do certain actions. Maybe the snippets below will come in handy for someone someday.

The script below shows examples for perform GET and POST actions, specifically,

  • GET vm status
  • POST vm start command
  • POST vm shutdown command
import proxmoxer
from pydantic import BaseModel
import os

# Define the configuration data for the ProxmoxVM object
config_data = {
    "hostname": f'{os.getenv("PVE_URL")}',
    "username": f'{os.getenv("PVE_USERNAME")}',
    "password": f'{os.getenv("PVE_PASSWORD")}',
    "node": f'{os.getenv("PVE_NODE")}',
    "vm_id": f'{os.getenv("VMID")}',

class ProxmoxVMConfig(BaseModel):
    hostname: str
    username: str
    password: str
    node: str
    vm_id: str

class ProxmoxVM:
    def __init__(self, config: ProxmoxVMConfig):
        self.proxmox = proxmoxer.ProxmoxAPI(
            verify_ssl=True, # set to False if you do not have a valid cert for your Proxmox server
        self.vm = self.proxmox.nodes(config.node).qemu(config.vm_id)

    def start(self):"start")

    def shutdown(self):"shutdown")

    def status(self):
        status_dict = self.vm.status.current.get()
        return status_dict

# Create a ProxmoxVMConfig object from the configuration data
config = ProxmoxVMConfig(**config_data)
# Create a ProxmoxVM object from the configuration
vm = ProxmoxVM(config)
state = vm.status()

print(f"VM is {state}")

# shutdown the instance
# start the instance
# vm.start()

The discord bot ultimately built is here. It could be extended to control more aspects of a vm and provide a bit more feedback on what it’s doing when a command has been submitted, but it’s only me using it atm.