Using Argo Events with Crossplane

Howdy 👋A growing trend in the Kubernetes ecosystem is the repurposing of a Kubernetes cluster as a platform for building internal developer platforms. In this post we’ll explore how we can glue together a few open source tools to do this. Although the demo is simple, it should provide a conceptual starting point for more complex workflows. If you want to follow along, you can find the code here.

Why I'm now using 1Password

Howdy 👋I recently purchased an idevice. “Fantastic”, I hear you say, but what’s that got to do with the title of this post? For years I’ve been an ardent KeePassXC user, syncing database files between devices using Syncthing or similar self hosted tools and annoying everyone with the warm glow of smug self reliance. Sadly, Idevices don’t like that kind of thing. It’s iCloud or the highway for syncing files.

Using Minio as a backend for Terraform

Hi There! 👋I’ve been doing a lot more with self hosting recently and wondered if it were possible to use Minio as a backend for Terraform. Spoiler… it is. TLDR; link to the code is at the bottom of the article Configuring MinioI already have Minio running locally, so all I needed to do was configure a service account and create a bucket to store the state in. Make a note of the service account’s access key and secret key and the bucket name.

Tools of The Trade :: Git

IntroductionThis is the first in a series of posts about tools and processes which make my life as a engineer better. In this first post we’ll take a look at Git . Git is a wonderful tool. For teams working together (and individuals!) on source code, git is the go to for distributed version control software. It’s assumed here that the reader already has a working knowledge of Git. This post focuses on tooling to be used on top of Git

Free Functions as a service

IntroFive minutes (almost!) to always free functions as a service courtesy of Oracle Cloud The full source code for this project is here. Why do this?All the major cloud providers offer some level of free service, however Oracle cloud is the only one offering this much compute free forever. Yeah but why Oracle?Okay you got me. I got sucked into their free tier. Plus I like the way they describe instances sizes/flavours as shapes .