I love fudge. There. I said it. Sometimes I like to reward myself with a little bit after work. Today I did exactly that, except that when I arrived at the kitchen I didn’t have any.

Zut alors!

No fear. We can make some! And the best bit? It doesn’t involve any scalding hot saucepans full of sugar. This fudge only requires two minutes in the microwave and an hour in the fridge1.

Sounds great, what ingredients do I need?

For a medium2 amount of fudge you will need:

| Command                    | Amount    |
| -------------------------- | --------- |
| Milk Chocolate             | 400 grams |
| Condensed Milk             | 400 grams |
| Microwavable Bowl          | One       |
| Stirring Spoon             | One       |
| Chopped Walnuts (optional) | Handful   |

To store your fudge you will want another dish (deep and square) and some grease proof paper.


Step One

Break up the chocolate into small bits. Mix with the condensed milk in the microwaveable bowl, then place in the microwave for a minute.

Take the bowl out of the microwave and stir, mixing in the walnuts. If the chocolate hasn’t quite melted give it another minute in the microwave.

more fudge

Step 2

Line a dish with greaseproof paper and pour the mixture in. Leave to set in the fridge for an hour.

Once it’s set you can take it out of the dish and cut it into small squares. Store in the fridge when not consuming!

  1. Now, because this is two minute fudge we are cutting some corners. The fudge needs to be chilled to maintain it’s consistency. You have been warned. ↩︎

  2. Medium people deserve a medium amount of fudge. ↩︎