Ghetto vivaldi syncing

Vivaldi is great but it doesn't yet offer a sync tool. Quite an easy one to solve if you are on Mac or Linux.

  • Somewhere remote to store your data [Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Nextcloud, local server etc]
  • An understanding of symlinks.
  1. Mount your storage or install the sync app and create a folder to save your data in.
  2. Copy/move your data into the new folder. Probably take a backup of this folder too.
mv -r /home/user/.config/vivaldi/* /home/msh/Dropbox/vivaldi-data/
  1. Link your /home/user/.config./vivaldi folder to the one in your sync space
ln -s /home/msh/Dropbox/vivaldi-data/ /home/msh/.config/vivaldi/

Run vivaldi on multiple machines contemporaneously which are syncing via this method. It'll probably stuff up.