Ansible - Proxmox

We recently stood up a Proxmox cluster to replace an old ESXI setup and a KVM host. I nearly broke myself had some fun making this work nicely and decided to do a bit of documenting to help me remember the sticking points.

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2017/09/12 15:43

Managed By Ansible

If your servers are managed via configuration management tools, like Ansible, then you won't want people editing files manually.

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2017/09/12 15:27

Dropbox and Network Drives

So you want to sync a network drive to Dropbox?

Don't do this. There a bunch of really good reasons to not do this and a bunch of better tools to achieve the same outcome. But, if like me recently, you absolutely have to set this up for a user you can use a symbolic link pointing at a UNC path to sync a folder in a network drive to a Dropbox account.

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2017/08/30 16:13

Ghetto vivaldi syncing

Vivaldi is great but it doesn't yet offer a sync tool. Quite an easy one to solve if you are on Mac or Linux.

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2017/08/29 20:30

Workstation Setup

Recently I wiped my laptop and moved to Fedora from Ubuntu. I'm a bit of a distro hopper so this is a semi regular occurence. The setup after the OS install has always been a bit of a mish mash of scripts and manual work. I'll probably shove this work into an Ansible playbook at some point as it is pretty tedious to repeat every few months.

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2017/08/22 10:44

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